Simplest Pizza Ever

Hello Food Thursday! Well, hello my friends. How is your week going? How is the cold treating you? I hope not too bad. I had some ready pizza dough I freezed from the last time I made pizza. So I decided to put them to good use.


3/4 kg minced meat

1 tsp ginger and garlic paste

a pinch of salt

50 ml olive oil

300g mozzarella cheese grated

circular pizza dough (pre-made)


Pre-heat oven 130 degrees celsius.

Put the minced meat in a sufuria and add the garlic paste and salt and cook until the meat isn’t red anymore.

Apply oil onto your baking pan and put the dough on it. With a brush apply some olive oil, then sprinkle your ready minced meat and cheese. Put into the oven and bake for about 3 min or until the cheese melts, cook for longer if you need it more crunchy. Otherwise, our pizza is ready.

Wasn’t that easy, yes! as easy as ABC. Give it a try, you’ll be amazed how delicious it turns out.

Here are the photos.

Grated mozarella cheese
Pizza dough in an oiled baking pan
I think I put too much cheese until it was overflowing, if you love cheese you would understand.
Final product…mmmh
A slice please….