Spaghetti Chipolatas

The other day, we had some friends over for dinner. I did not have enough time to plan as it was actually a last minute decision. Nevertheless, I decided to put my cooking skills to test so that we didn’t have to buy food (I’ve been a huge money saver lately and I am so glad about how far I’ve come). Save those dimes people, you never know what comes up.

My to go to dish was spaghetti, it’s the easiest for a busy mom with a baby. Shock on me, I didn’t have all the supplies I needed. My help had already left, no choice but to dash to the market. I packed up my little one and off we went. He enjoyed the ride enough that he dozed off. It was a plus for me since, I easily put him down once I came back and was able to cook easily and faster. I knew everyone would be hungry so I speeded up the process and finished up in time. Thank God!

Vegetable stir fry is always great but this time I needed to add something meaty to satisfy the intense hunger. So I went for Chipolatas that I initially used for breakfast. Yap! I told you spags go with almost everything. For reference you can find my vegetable stir fry spaghetti recipe here.

Prep time

So on top of the vegetables, I lightly fried the chipolatas, chopped them and added them to my onion and spice mix. I cooked the tomatoes separately and added them just before adding the spags to keep the moisture from spoiling my spicy goodness.

See, all this spicy goodness!!!

In addition, I made some delicious creamy smoothie and served some good old water melons. The setting was like a million bucks but it did not cost that much. I actually spent very little and starting to think I should change the topic to, “delicious meal on a budget” but well…

A million bucks huh!

The meal turned out great everyone loved it that nothing was left over. I couldn’t be happier. Try it and give me a shout out on how it turned out. You can also use sausages in place of chipolatas or even better mix the two.

Who knew spilled sauce would look this good on a plate!

I hope you enjoyed and try it soon. Like my Facebook page, follow me on Instagram , Pinterest and Twitter  @neemahjoel for daily updates. Until then, live life happy.




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