Sweet Sixteen!

That was precisely how I felt when I stepped out in this outfit; Sweet Sixteen. The phrase might be overrated, misused or whatever you may call it but it works for this post. I was feeling young again. How can I explain. Let me just give it a shot.

So, what I mean is, when I got married, I immediately tasked myself to become a thirty something year old when I was only in my early twenties. Yes I did. I did this with so much precision that only my looks would betray me (the baby face and all) but my actions, most of the conversations I engaged in… most of my close friends could pass as my mum and I am not kidding. I was happy with myself and I enjoyed the space that I was in. Right now looking back I am thinking wow! It has been an incredible journey and I am so proud of myself.

So why was the adultting part so important. First, I have always been the one who seems much older than my age mainly because my brain developed faster and I always found myself hanging out with older kids most of my life. In primary school, I had more friends in my older brother’s class other than my own, in high school, right from form one most of my friends were in form two, three or four. Weird, right! It never seemed to me. I enjoyed engaging in meaningful and critical conversations so I fit in pretty well. Campus was not any different because when I was in first year my best friend Kez was in fourth year and her classmates automatically became my acquaintances. Hanging out with older kids constantly put me up for ridicule and being teased but with time I got used to it and found ways to counter and guard myself.

Then, also marriage is such a commitment, you do not have time to act like a grown teenager, being all flooded with emotions and drama, no! If thats you, thats not the way. And my case I had our first child in our first year of marriage so I couldn’t be competing with the baby to cry, could I. So yeah! Adulting fit in perfectly for me but I am just sitting here praying that I never have to come across mid life crisis lol. I know, I won’t.

Anyhu, lets talk about this outfit…my friend Josephine got me this skirt and I immediately fell in love with it. It was quite fitting and I took a little while before I actually wore it because I had just had my baby girl and I still had lots of extra weight around my waist. I procrastinated about it for a while but I thought I’m never going to be ready to do this, will I?

So I finally pulled it out of the closet onto my imperfect waist… I had some baby weight sticking out of the skirt but I was like ‘two humans grew out of this tummy so I’m okay with however this turns out’. Getting in front of the camera I was ready to roll. Feeling like my sixteen year old self again, I enjoyed being in front of the camera. Thank you Josephine for this cute skirt.

As always, thanks for stopping by I hope to see you again soon!


Photography: Imani Pro Photography





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