A Royal Wedding Guest ~ 2019 is here!

Oh yeah! We are starting the year with a bang! 2019 are you ready for us? Here’s to our success (yours and mine) in 2019 in all areas of our lives. I know you are itching to hear about the wedding and not just any wedding but a royal wedding. Well, of course not Meghan… Read More A Royal Wedding Guest ~ 2019 is here!


Sweet Sixteen!

That was precisely how I felt when I stepped out in this outfit; Sweet Sixteen. The phrase might be overrated, misused or whatever you may call it but it works for this post. I was feeling young again. How can I explain. Let me just give it a shot. So, what I mean is, when… Read More Sweet Sixteen!


Yellow Mellow

If you’ve seen a couple of my posts you know that I love bright colours. Is it just me or Africans in general don’t gravitate towards colour and I mean dressing up or even decorating in bright colours except in weddings and some functions. Anyhu… this Koton waterfall got me


Rocking an African Print Dress

Heey! How are y’all doing? Where do we start? We can start right here and say we took a holiday and enjoyed it to the fullest. Explored some fun activities in the tropics and now we are back to life as usual, super-charged for the days ahead. All the best to you too! When my… Read More Rocking an African Print Dress