Sweet Sixteen!

That was precisely how I felt when I stepped out in this outfit; Sweet Sixteen. The phrase might be overrated, misused or whatever you may call it but it works for this post. I was feeling young again. How can I explain. Let me just give it a shot. So, what I mean is, when… Read More Sweet Sixteen!


Yellow Mellow

If you’ve seen a couple of my posts you know that I love bright colours. Is it just me or Africans in general don’t gravitate towards colour and I mean dressing up or even decorating in bright colours except in weddings and some functions. Anyhu… this Koton waterfall got me


Bell Sleeves and Florals for a Perfect Dress

I’ve been eyeing all the unique sleeve designs that seem to be popping all around. I am talking lantern sleeves, pleated sleeves, ruffled sleeves you name it. The moment I saw this particular dress on display, I was instantly drawn to it. It’s funny because at this point, I was already tired from scouting around… Read More Bell Sleeves and Florals for a Perfect Dress