It is interesting, how people set resolutions at the end or start of a year. The practice is commendable only that, it is always good to break down your goals into smaller chunks such that, you will know your progress, based on how far you are at any time of the year. On that note, I’d like to list down must have goals as we take on March.

Here are the must have goals for this month, and the rest of the year, in pursuit of a happy life. Note that: the order is random and not by order of priority.

  1. Live life well – take into consideration the things that will guarantee you to be the best human being on the planet. Realistically, wake up early, put in extra effort in whatever you do …
  2. Lead a healthy lifestyle – resolve to take out all the junkies that you take into your body, exercise regularly…
  3. Add more to your Christian life – aspire to move higher in your relationship with the Almighty God…
  4. Help others – explore opportunities to help people in making life better
  5. Improve your skills – look to upgrade your life skills, career qualifications etc

There you have it. Do you have any more goals you would like me to add to this list? If so, please comment below.