The Love in 2017, What does It Look Like for Me?

Looking out of the window as if you are expecting someone to pass by and wave at you or deliver a special package for you. That’s the snapshot of my 2017 which has been my best year so far. What do you mean best year? Well, I’ve had a fair share of life challenges (don’t we all do) which have taught me great lessons that will probably last me a lifetime. On the other hand I’ve had the greatest joys of my life. The icing on the cake is that I get to do life with my ever charming best friend and the Lord has been good. I mean what more could one ever wish for in life? You know what I am saying.

I’m so looking forward for this new year to unfold. Wanting to handle everything with an open mind and be even more generous in word and deed. I also plan on creating a lot more interesting content this year so make sure you are up to date by following me onĀ  my BlogYouTube, and my social media platforms all @themodestnatural.

Finally thank you all for your love and support. Let’s continue in this journey together.
God Bless you and have an epic new year!


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