The Office Look

Lately, I’ve been trying to wonder how it would have been, if I was going back to work after having our little one. I’ve never felt that stressful just thinking about something. The thought of leaving my little munchkin is beyond any explanation I could give. But then again, I thought of how pretty it’d probably be, dressing up and stepping out of the door in a suit or something instead of being in pj’s all day. Don’t get me wrong, I always try and dress up even if I ain’t going nowhere, but there are those days where you just wish you had a nanny and stay in bed all day, those days. 

This one was the wake up and dress up kind of day. I decided to switch things up and went for a classic official look. If you are looking for a simple but classy work look, then this post is for you. I went for a black textured pencil skirt as my base piece then went on to add this blue coat and layered it with a black under top. I put my hair in a side part low bun which brought the official twist to my head and face. The last thing I added were wedge shoes, I was torn between grey or turquoise, but I figured turquoise would spice up the colors a bit. So here’s my complete look.

Special Thanks to Cremme photography and Imani Pro photography for these beautiful images.


IMG_3045 IMG_3097   IMG_3100  IMG_3101