The Truth About Being Happy

She enjoyed the happiest moments anyone can ever imagine; a loving family, adorable kids, successful life.. name it all. I would always watch in admiration and often thought that the maker really had a soft spot for her. I wanted to be like her, when I grew up only that I did not know what it took for her to be there. I intended to find out one day, at least I hoped I would. Her effortless smile always left me wanting to ask her more about herself, one day I did.

“You know,” she started, “Everything in life you have to work for it.” I did not think it was as hard as it sounded. It is quite a challenge. To achieve a closer walk with God, you acquire yourself an eternal enemy; the old devil who will fight you in everything you try to do. But guess what? The Lord promised that He will be with you every step of the way, how about that! This line right here will guarantee you victory in everything you do.


The other day, while meditating about how God loved David it came out so clear that it doesn’t matter who might be against you if God is for you! Oh my! Did you know, when David danced till his clothes fell off, Michal, who was his wife at that time saw him through the window, despised him. She thought how silly is the king to dance and have his clothes fall off before his subjects. But David knew and meant it in his heart whom he worshipped. Because of that, Michal never had kids till her death. Moral: Strive never to despise anyone, you never know who is for them.

To wake up early, means fighting the sweet sleep whispering in your ear luring you to sleep ten more minutes, the cold trying to force you to keep warm in bed. To eat healthy, turn down the sumptuous meal loaded with lots of unhealthy stuff. To be respectful, look at your ego in the face and say No! To be honest, refuse to go along with a lie for a favor …the list is endless.

Yes! It’s all fighting. Victory will be won, until then, keep fighting and enjoy slaying the enemy. May you have a victorious day!





And it’s there that when the greatest revelation and inspiration comes, is when we’re alone with God. We’d take more time on that, I’m sure, that we would live a better life, more victorious life in Christ.
57-0301 – Blind Bartimaeus   Rev. William Marrion Branham

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