Thinking Aloud

This is going to be a quick one, I promise. One month down, since I picked myself up and eventually set up a blog (finally). At some point, I had many questions in my head whether I should go through with it or not. Days passed which eventually turned to months of thinking and lining up the goals, all in my head. Then, one day I finally said it. I got overwhelming support from the sweetest people in my life not to mention my sweet girls. There it was, the go ahead. Since then, I’ve never looked back.

Now, I am here again thinking about the impact I’ve made this past month, so I can know whether I am aligned with my goals. I’ll pat myself on the back, and I know you will too because, I am happy that I am exactly where I wanted to be. I couldn’t have done it without prayers and your unwavering support. For that I am too grateful.

One more thing, I’ve been thinking of pursuing one line of thought on this blog. Meaning, if I decide to blog about food it will be food only. Only that I still want to talk about everything since most of you have told me that my writing inspires you (I am humbled, really I am). On that note, If you have anything specific you’d want me to write about comment below, send me a mail, hello[at]neemahjoel[dot]com or leave me a message on my social media pages @neemahjoel. This also includes my silent readers, yeah, I know you all.

I am looking forward to even better experiences as we share along this journey. If the Lord tarries, see you then! Lots of love and hugs to the huggable and wishing you all the best in your endeavors.