Turn the Scar into a Smile

Her eyes were cloudy as small drops of tears made their way onto her blouse. She was simply hurt but the poor guy did not know that. He drove off into the unknown never to find out how she felt that day. Back into her little cottage, she tucked herself into her grandma’s cozy blanket trying to cry it all out.

The next day, she greeted him with so much love, you couldn’t tell she was the same girl weeping under her cute blanket. Still wondering what happened. She did the magical… Moved on. All the hurt was gone all that was left was love.

I don’t know about you but I don’t think I’d let it go that easily. I’d probably take days but I’ll come around for sure. It happens often, we get hurt and hurt so badly that we wonder if there’ll be a tomorrow. There’ll be. All you need to do is forgive yourself, whoever hurt you and move on with life. The earlier you do the better.

Forget about all the hurt and think about how much life has to offer. The abundance of God’s blessings all around you in form of loving friends, caring family, delicious food…the list is endless. Enjoy the happy moments, forgive yourself and others and smile more often. That’s what the happiest people do while people think they are never hurt. The truth is, they are hurt more than the average person is hurt. They only choose to be happy no matter what. May you have a happiness filled lifetime.