Two Years in Marriage – You make it Work

It’s funny how when I sat to think about how long it has been since we got married it felt like too long. I was certain that we hadn’t hit the five years mark so my mind decided to award four years. Four years? It sounded too short until I actually calculated and it turns out we’ve been married for two years only. Maan! That was too hard to believe because in my mind we have been in marriage for almost a decade. Probably because we spend so much time together, we’ve learnt lots of good and challenging lessons and we are up for more.

The look of love 🙂

Marriage is a wonderful in all ways possible and it can also be a nightmare if both of you aren’t willing to make it work no matter what. What do I mean? Many times one of you has to let it go and let the other person have their way or be happy. The one who gives up their ego has to convince himself/herself that he/she did the right thing and that both of them are happy. Sometimes you might have a hundred reasons not to give in but when you remind yourself that both of you love each other and would do anything to make one another happy then it gets easier by day.

The past two years have been the best years of my life which I wouldn’t trade for anything. Being in love and knowing that your partner loves you even more is everything. That’s what we live for. Jesus Christ showed us a great example when he died for us and so we should never faint from sacrificing for one another.

These are just my sentiments, I wasn’t going to give any advice because I am no expert though some think I am. All I do is just share the little I know so if you don’t mind, let’s grow together. If you have any comments or questions please comment down below and I’ll respond back.

Anyhu, Happy Anniversary to my Prince Charming and I! #beyourowncheerleader.