If I had nothing to do, I’d probably be tucked inside my cozy blanket either reading or sleeping. Simply because the weather is not very conducive for a active day but a lazy one. Nairobi residents woke up to a chilly morning accompanied by dull clouds so as to say ‘you can stay in your beds all day’. Ha! Only if it was possible. Here’s how to be ready for cold weather.


On such a day, it is important to keep warm and motivated so as to have a productive one. I love a drink of the good ol’ tea or coffee for heavy caffeine lovers.


Dressed in heavy layers and a cozy headgear (usually a chic hat) not forgetting my scarf which is a staple for cold weather. What I love the most about the weather is that the baby also feels sleepy all the time so it only takes him a few minutes to doze off (a plus for me). I am still feeling sleepy too, so I’ll just stop here for now, grab my hot chocolate and cupcake and keep myself busy.

Enjoy early July!