Weekly Positive Vibes Series

The other day I sat down with a couple of friends of mine talking about quite serious stuff. What I loved the most was, the passion that each one of them exhibited towards the topic and life in general. It was mindblowing and super inspiring at the same time. I was so inspired by each one of them and I thought, “Wow!”.

Then another day I was sitting next to a guy, then some cops arrested someone and passed by ¬†us and the comment he made was just sickening. No one gave any attention to what he said. I mean, there’s so much negativity out there and if you want it, you’ll easily find it. So yes! Whatever kind of conversation you want to have, there are always people with like passions.

I figured we can start having these positive conversations so that we can make this place a better environment to be in before we are changed. Changed into the other dimension for good. That’s how my weekly positive vibes idea was born. I’m sure each one of you will love these kind of posts. I love them too. In case you want to contribute to this topic feel free to give your suggestions or even topics.

Cheers to WPV!!! The first post will be coming your way soon. Until then, stay positive and share more love.