Have you ever thought about something so profoundly that you felt like walking into space? I have. My thoughts about setting up this blog have been lingering in my mind for so long now such that I had to go ahead and make it happen. Now that I am back to work after my five months or so maternity leave I am super charged.

I really missed you all and the virtual world so much that I felt like I was living in the 19th century. Yeah, it was that bad. I’d dream of it everyday. My passion for blogging is really time tested and this time, here to stay. Good news – I am back with a lot more than you can ever imagine. Just sit back and enjoy reading with me.

The past year has been super eventful for me. I mean, getting married to the love of my life, having a baby amongst other amazing occurrences. What I love about my life is that every experience teaches me a wonderful lesson that I wouldn’t trade for the world. For instance I never knew how responsible I was until God decided that I am fit to be a mom. After realizing that I was so confident and so ready for the baby to come. Oh, one more thing I unlocked my passion for the kitchen I mean everything kitchen from cooking, baking, cleaning name it all.

Things have been super amazing for me and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Without a doubt I have lots in store for you my friends.

On that note, Stay tuned for the latest from my channel and Don’t forget to subscribe.

With Love, Neemah.welcome

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