When you are facing hardship (what it means)

The other day I sat myself down for a moment, just to think about how everything has been going on lately. I was super happy about many things and not happy about a couple of things as well. I thought even harder about the things I did not like (coz that’s what we always do, human nature). In the process I realized that these unhappy things are extremely hard for me. A good example would be dealing with a handsome cranky baby. Doesn’t sound that bad, does it? Well, for some reason my little one became easily irritable all of a sudden (not like him at ¬†all). Wouldn’t agree to be put down not even for a moment, which meant the only time I did not carry him is when he is sleeping on his bed. If you’ve babysat for a while you would understand how hard this can be. To cut the long story short by the end of the day I’d feel too exhausted. So I asked many questions trying to figure it out.

My speculations were: he could be teething which causes crankiness in some babies, maybe he was sick but was as healthy as could be, the last but not least, I had done something wrong at some point. The last option seemed too real, so I began soul searching. It was treacherous. Thinking about how you might have responded rudely to the slow attendant, not fulfilling duties to the latter, skipping to read the message for a sleep training book (I am taking a shot at sleep training, a long topic for another day, the things we do for love!) My heart was pounding fast. At some point I was like, ‘I don’t think so’. Then I remembered the verse in the Holy Word that says everything happens for good. My heart rested. Literally! Right then I knew beyond no doubt that I could sail through and I did.

He knows that you can handle it whatever it is and you will come out victorious all for the glory of His mighty name. If you’ve been there, or going through hardship right now you might be thinking how in the world am I gonna get through this! Oh yes! You will maybe not now. Until you accept that it is by God’s strength and not your own cause you don’t have any to face this cruel world. You might be bruised in the process, Christ was, wounded, all that he went through for you. So you don’t have to carry the burden, just accept the suffering of Christ for your pardon. He became sin for you to be perfect. Isn’t that sweet. I don’t wanna start preaching on here, it’s not my call but I want to encourage you who is hurting and labouring (I am too) to surrender and let everything work out in God’s plan. I think I need to write about how to give up your cares to Christ moved here. I am not an expert but I am learning too. A hint: Take it to the Lord in Prayer. Then, let your Heart REST.

Lets pick it up from there next time. Until then, Rest my Dear Reader Rest.