Yummy Vegan Oats plus Nuts

Hey! Happy New Month my dear friends! December is here which means we have less than 31 days to accomplish our targets for the year. How am I, is a good question to ask. Onto the real deal, shall we?

Initially, I was going to make this story an instagram post until I figured it’d be too long. That’s how it became a blog post. If you read my post on Fluffy Pancakes where I explained my transition to Vegan Lifestyle (fifty fifty transition lol) you’d know my super vegan mom, Katrina Victoria, of For a while, I’ve been wanting to ask her about what she kinds of meals gives her son to ensure that he eats a well balanced diet. I shoved off the idea thinking I’d be too much on her face and no one wants to be too much on someone’s space – I don’t. 

I continued doing my research trying out different things – which is always amazing.Then, the other day Katrina posted what she gives Apollo for breakfast and I was like Yaaaaas!! (exaggerated Yes). I was like God answers prayers even the ones you put under the shelf and forget them, He knows our desires. Turns out she uses store bought oats that are mixed with nuts, adds coconut milk then she’s good to go. On the other hand I can only access plain oats from the local store (third world country issues). I was determined to do something and I did.

Here’s what I did. I cooked my plain oats in water, added my homemade/DIY almond milk (cause it’s too expensive in the store about $6 while I can buy almonds for $2 which will give me the same or more homemade milk) #moneysaver. I got lost in the process, I apologize. I added my blended cashewnuts and ground nuts and our breakfast was ready to serve. After putting the oats in bowls (I eat the same food as my son), I sprinkled some chia seeds, a bit of the blended nuts, a piece of water melon and some flennel candy for my bowl. We had this after having our watermelon fruit/juice, it was so yummy. You should try it, it’s a good and easy option for a nutrient filled breakfast.

bowl of yummy oats
Our Bowls of yum…

Once again! She inspired our little world, thank you so much Katrina. You are the best! I’m forever grateful. I am gonna go finish my bowl of yummy oats before then I’m sending you lots of love and inspiration that you should never feel stuck no matter what! As always, thanks for reading, see you soon.

PS: If you are interested in more recipes on my discoveries or anything else for that matter, let me know by commenting down below.

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